Sergio Fernandez de Cordova to join: Lorena Garcia-Duran, Dr. Soulaymane Kachani and Matthew Bird

NEW YORK, NY (April 20, 2016) – Imperative Fund, an Impact Investing company that lifts communities out of poverty in 5 years or less while generating market competitive returns, today announced the appointment of Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Co-founder and visionary behind P3 Global Management (“P3GM”) & PVBLIC Foundation, to the Company’s Advisory Board as their Private-Public Partnerships Strategies Advisor.

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova noted, “With my experience in the fund space I have only found one platform that is focused on and has devised an investment model to provide low-income communities access to all the basic services, allowing them to overcome poverty in 5 years or less. While still meeting the United Nations SDG’s, this model is an example of what the world needs, where the public and private sector come together building marketplaces for a win-win, driving social change forward. With the help of private sector funds, we really can change the world and I’m happy to support it.”

For P3GM, Mr. Fernandez de Cordova leads the global development and policy work behind structuring Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) around smart infrastructure with local, state and federal governments. As acting Chairman of PVBLIC he leads the Foundation’s engagement with the White House, United Nations and hosts the Media for Social Impact Summit in partnership with UNOP, where C-Level executives convene to inspire each other on how media can change the world one campaign at a time.

Sergio was recently honored with the ‘Global Social Impact’ Award at the United Nations Humanitarian Innovation Forum, and was named by Dell as one of its #Inspired 100 leading global influencers in entrepreneurship, using technology to empower and inspire others. United Nations representative for AIESEC International, he sits on the board of or is advisor to; SDG-Fund, AllCot Group, BitFury, UN-ECE, ToolBox, MAP – Millennial Action Project, UNFoundation, ForeSight Group, Dell, SBA, NYGLD, WireLawyer, NGO-CSD, Availor & The Resolution Project.

Imperative Fund CEO Camilo Galvis adds, “Mr. Fernandez de Cordova is a great and unique asset to Imperative Fund’s Advisory Board based on his vast diplomatic communication experience along with his work to develop third world countries and promote the UN’s SDG goals globally. Mr. De Cordova’s familiarity with Imperative’s space is significant and fundamental for our success.”


About The Imperative Fund
The Imperative Fund works on sustainably lifting communities out of poverty, in 5 years or less, while recovering 100% of the invested funds and generating market competitive returns. In implementing its model, Imperative aspires to become the most efficient Fund/Company working to bring communities out of poverty, without being dependent on local, central or federal government support. Furthermore, Imperative envisions becoming an outsourcing alternative for governments in their strive to provide access to all the goods and services required to mobilize a community to its next level of social and economic development and environmental sustainability.

By harnessing today’s financial and technological innovation within an open market economy, Imperative’s framework eliminates the association between low-income and poverty. Through a private fund investment strategy built on rigorous by-laws, algorithmic computation and sociological analysis, Imperative bundles social enterprises to deliver a suite of goods and services tailored to the needs of each community.

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