We provide communities with the necessary goods and services to overcome poverty in 2 years.
Our model recovers 100% of the invested funds while generating market competitive returns.
We leverage pioneering Social Enterprises that work to address communities’ needs.
The cost of all bundled services never exceeds 35% of the family’s monthly income.

Helping communities overcome poverty in 2 years while providing market competitive returns for investors.

Universal Goods and Services


We start by replacing shanty homes with structural housing, sourcing local eco-friendly materials. The community is trained and paid to build their own houses and those of their neighbors, thus generating economic spillover.


We deliver affordable and sustainable broadband Internet connectivity via a unique satellite and wireless service, empowering the community through a suite of socially beneficial e-services and training to make the best use of these technologies.

Financial Literacy

We empower communities through financial education workshops that focus on the distinction between savings and borrowing, motivating families to save for their home down payments. We also provide the option of a mobile-money account and teach them how to use it.

Mobile Money

Based on the extremely secure blockchain infrastructure, we provide Mobile-Money accounts to previously unbanked families, allowing them to make online payments, receive remittances, and use a wide range of services without the high costs associated with traditional banking.

Wireless Communications

Leveraging the network implemented for broadband Internet service, we enable 2G connectivity that provides families with unlimited local mobile telephony, including video-conferencing at speeds up to 500mbps, and very low cost long distance calling.

Clean Water

We provide small storeowners with water filtering systems that enable them to sell clean water at much lower prices than commercial purified water, eliminating the need and cost of people having to commute to access clean water.

Renewable Energy

We provide electricity to remote communities that do not have access to electric power, reducing diesel and candle consumption, which has a negative impact on people’s health and the environment.


We provide quality healthcare through a micro-insurance model that negotiates plans from insurance underwriters at highly discounted rates, by partnering with locally present corporations to piggyback on their large beneficiary pools.

Waste Management

We eliminate landfills by teaching the community that trash can be a source of income, separating organic waste from recyclable materials and sorting them to be sold to recycling plants. Organic waste is converted into 100% organic fertilizer.

Poverty Tax Elimination

We eliminate “poverty tax”: the surcharge paid by poor people who can only purchase in small quantities. The basic basket cost is reduced by up to 30% by cutting middlemen employing reusable containers that eliminate packaging costs and waste.

Watch an example of the work done by Imperative’s housing solution: Échale a Tu Casa.

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